VMWare Servers

  • We offer VMWare Servers in Dedicated Server format.

  • Select the appropriate Dedicated server from Dedicated Server Menu, and in Configuration options menu under Operating System select VMWare. Minimum 16 Core 16 GB Server is needed for VMWare

  • If you need our help to troubleshoot issues or fix configuration issues for your VMWare server, please select Premium Support under Configuration menu which is $49/month extra fee.

  • If you need us to fully configure Your VMWare Server and do all configuration for you 24/7, you must take 24/7 VMWare Configuration Support which is an extra fee. Contact us for more details.

  • We will install the Server in a fully functional way and deliver to you within hours.

  • 5 Days Free Trial is not available for these Servers. You have to make payment to assign server since it takes time and effort to set up and it is not an easy work.

Order VMWare Servers

You can order your VMWare from the below links.
In configure options page, select "VMWare" from Operating System drop-down option.
To get 24/7 Help on troubleshooting issues or fix configuration issues in your VMWare server,
select 24/7 Premium support for VMWare from Support Package dropdown menu.

Click Here to order 16 Core Dedicated Server: VIEW

Click Here to order 24 Core Dedicated Server: VIEW

Click Here to order High End 24 Core Dedicated Server: VIEW

VMWare Features

Feature Summary
The vSphere hypervisor, known in many circles as " ESXi", for the name of the underlying hypervisor architecture, is a bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly on top of your physical server and partitions it into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine shares the same physical resources as the other virtual machines and they can all run at the same time. Unlike other hypervisors, all management functionality of vSphere is done through remote management tools. There is no underlying operating system, reducing the install footprint to less than 150MB. -

Improved Reliability and Security
The ESXi bare-metal hypervisor's management functionality is in VMkernel, reducing the footprint to 150 MB. This gives it a very small attack surface for malware and over-the-network threats, improving reliability and security.

Streamlined Deployment and Configuration
With few configuration options and simple deployment and configuration, the ESXi architecture makes it easy to maintain a consistent virtual infrastructure.

Reduced Management Overhead
vSphere ESXi uses an agentless approach to hardware monitoring and system management with an API-based partner integration model. Management tasks are on remote command lines with the vSphere Command Line Interface (vCLI) and Power CLI, which uses Windows PowerShell cmdlets and scripts for automated management.

Simplified Hypervisor Patching and Updating
Fewer patches mean smaller maintenance windows and fewer scheduled maintenance windows.

Screenshots of VMWare