Reseller OR Affiliates

Reseller OR Affiliate Opportunities

  • Easy and Lucrative Partnership

    • How can you partner with us?
    • What do we expect from you ?
    • What rewards or earnings do we have for you?
    • What we will do for you and how we will help you grow?
    • Email us with RESELLER ENQUIRY as subject to to learn more on answers to questions above..!!!

    How to Become a Reseller Or Affiliate

    • Register with us on, log on to your account, then click on "Affiliates" and you can activate your Reseller/Affiliate Account.
    • Activate your Reseller/Affiliate account today to:
      • Receive an Initial Bonus of $10 just for signing up as a Reseller.
      • Earn 10% of every payment each customer makes for the entire duration, not just first month.
      • Please note once a Customer signed up through your Reseller Website, every payment that customer makes, you WILL GET 10% commission, even if they pay from our website directly.
      • Also note Premium Discount Customer's orders are not eligible for Reseller Discounts. They are already getting 10% discount directly.
    • You can give this url (xxxx is your Affiliate ID) to your customers using Email promotion, News Letter Promotion, Forum Posting or with links in your website.
    • Promote your own website in all Social Medias and Internet blogs. Do E-Mail marketing to attract customers to your website.
    • So whenever somebody orders a product from your website, on completion their order you will receive the 10% reseller commission. We will take care of order processing, support tickets, payment collection etc.
    • 10% commission is not just on first payment, but on every payment customer makes. So once you get a customer, sit back and relax, we will do the rest.

    Learn more from Frequently Asked Questions on the Affiliate Re-seller program