Our Dedicated Server Advantages

Our Technological Advantages

Dell PowerEdge C1100 Dedicated Servers with IPKVM Access

We are using Dell Branded PowerEdge C1100 Servers and we provide IPKVM Access for extra fee. Dell PowerEdge C1100 is designed to meet the demands of the Densest Environment, and it offers Massive Memory, and Disk Storage in a space-efficient 1U. The Dell PowerEdge C1100 Supports two Intel Xeon 5400/5500/5600 Series Processors. It has Built-In IPKVM Modules with IPMI Version 2.0, which enables full Remote Power Control, and Remote Console Access.

Effectively Monitor your Server on your Mobile Phone even while you are Travelling

Server Monitoring is a process to monitor a Server's system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, Bandwidth Usage, Disk Usage, Website status etc.
Thus, the above features of our 24/7 Monitoring Service ensures that you have all important vital info about your server as and when you need it. Even when you are travelling!!!!!
Download and Install the PRTG Mobile App today on your smart phones to efficiently and effectively manage your server.
Get a feel of how it works, Install PRTG App (Available on both Apple store and Android Google Play stores) on your mobile and test using the Demo Account details given below.

Login Name: john
Password: Simple123

Please note that we offer this Mobile Monitoring Services as a FREE Value added service for all our Cloud and Dedicated Server Customers.

Dedicated Server Automatic Daily Full Server Backup Service (Extra Fee)

  • Datasoft also offers a new Automatic Daily Full Server Backup Service for your Servers with us. We will take your full Server Hard Drive Backup to a centralized location on a daily basis. Last 10 days Backup Will be kept.
  • Your Server's last 10 days Backup can be easily browsed and you can selectively download any file/files to your local PC. You will get a control panel for all 10 days backups where you can browse your files. This is a very useful to save your Database to your Computer or to analyze any LOG files for errors.
  • You can restore any of these last 10 days Backup file/files selectively to your server or fully restore any of these 10 full backups to your server, so you can get your server up and running as soon as possible with minimal downtime. This Backup plan is available for all servers for just $19 a month and with NO SET UP FEE, This is a Limited time offer and we encourage you to subscribe to these services soon and make your Servers more RELIABLE to ensure round the clock AVAILABILITY.
  • Tested on All Linux versions, Freenix, Solaris, Win2003, Win2008, Win2012, VoipSwitch and ItelSwitch Servers.

    A powerful web (http/cgi) user interface allows administrators to view log files, configuration, current status and allows users to initiate and cancel backups and browse and restore files from backups.

    Backups are saved everyday, and upto the 10 most recent daily backups are retained. Clients can easily restore these backups.

    All 10 latest Backups can be opened in the web interface, and individual files and folders can be browsed and downloaded to your local PC, or restored to your server.

Customer Self Care Dedicated Server Control Panel Menu to Restart/Stop/Start Dedicated Server Remotely (Extra IPKVM Fee)

First logon to your account in www.datasoft.ws, click on My Services, and to manage each of your servers, please click on the green arrow icon to the right of that Server. From this Menu, You can manage your Dedicated Server Remotely. You can Power On, Softly Shut Off, Reset, Power Off, and Reboot your Dedicated Server as shown below. You can also see your Server Hardware status and information. You can Access your Dedicated Server's Console, Reinstall Operating Systems from a Wide - Range of Options. You can also mount your own ISO and Trouble Shoot Server issues.

View your server's basic Hardware Information

By clicking on HW Info, you will see all your Hardware Information for your Dedicated Server.

View your server's Detailed Hardware Information

By clicking on Extd HW Info, you will see Extended Hardware Information for your Dedicated Server.

View all your Server's Components

By clicking on Components, you will be able to see all of your Server's hardware components, such as CPU, Memory, etc.

Access you Server's Console Remotely

By clicking on the KVM Screen, You will be able to see the KVM Server Console Screen and watch the Operating System Boot Process, as well as Trouble Shoot Issues.

Remotely see your BIOS in the Console

By pressing F2 while server is booting, you can view and see all of your BIOS Settings through the KVM Screen Console.

How to Reinstall your Servers' OS

In this screen, you can see and set Boot Device Order. By default, the first boot device should be SATA.
If you are planning to Reinstall your Server with a new Operating System, set the First Boot Device to Network: IBA, Save and Restart the Server. Then the Server will Boot the PXE Operating System Reinstall Menu.

How to Install your Own OS ISO

If you are planning to use your own Operating System ISO, In the KVM Screen Console, you can mount the ISO Operating System Image by selecting Redirect ISO under the Device Menu. Or you can mount your CD-ROM or USB Drive to reinstall any of your own Operating Systems.
After mounting, Go to the BIOS and set the First Boot Device as CD/DVD as shown in the above screen, and Restart your Server to boot to the ISO/CD/DVD.

How to do Reinstallation and how to use RESCUE TOOLS

If you are booting the Server to the PXE, this will be your main PXE Reinstallation Menu. You can choose any Linux version from the menu. Choose RESCUE TOOLS if you want to trouble-shoot any issues or to reset Password.

Installing CentOS Operating System

This is your CentOS Operating System Installation Sub-Menu.

Installing Ubuntu Operating System

This is the Ubuntu Operating System Reinstallation Sub-Menu.


By selecting RESCUE TOOLS, and by booting to Hirens Boot CD, you will see a wide rage of Server Tools.
To reset your Windows Password, select Offline Password Changer.
To Trouble Shoot any Hardware Issues, Boot to Mini Windows XP, which will Boot to Windows XP with a wide range of tools to Trouble Shoot with.

How to use Mini Windows XP

When you Boot to Mini Windows XP, you will see the below screen with a wide range of Tools. You will be able to Trouble Shoot a variety of issues from this Windows XP Tools Menu.