DDOS Protection


  • 2934 DDoS attacks per day are noticed worldwide, average attacks are measured at 300 mbps and over a thousand botnets are used and detected.

  • DDOS attacks can be aimed at any website or server. Even if you don't have website, your server can still get attacked.

  • If you have no DDOS Protection, and if an attack happens, the hackers will already have your IP. You'll need to change your website/server IP, reconfigure everything to the new IP, then get/enable DDOS Protection. This could lead to hours, or even days, of down-time.

  • If you aren't attacked yet,we suggest you take DDOS Protection now to avoid this down-time.

  • A DDOS Attack can occur at any moment, and you need protection as soon as possible.

  • All our Web Hosting Accounts are DDOS protected. If you are taking a Dedicated server from us you can add DDOS protection for $19 per month onwards.

  • If you have server hosted with another company you can still take DDOS protection for $49 per month onwards.

Current DDOS Attack Live Status

What is a DDOS Attack?

Sometimes a hacker uses a network of zombie computers to sabotage a specific Web site or Server. The idea is pretty simple - a hacker tells all the computers on his botnet to contact a specific Server or Web site repeatedly. The sudden increase in traffic can cause the site to load very slowly for legitimate users. Sometimes the traffic is enough to shut the site down completely. We call this kind of an attack a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Some particularly tricky botnets use uncorrupted computers as part of the attack. Here's how it works: the hacker sends the command to initiate the attack to his zombie army. Each computer within the army sends an electronic connection request to an innocent computer called a reflector. When the reflector receives the request, it looks like it originates not from the zombies, but from the ultimate victim of the attack. The reflectors send information to the victim system, and eventually the system's performance suffers or it shuts down completely as it is inundated with multiple unsolicited responses from several computers at once.

What are the types of DDOS Attacks?

Can Hardware or Software Based Firewalls Stop DDOS Attacks?

Can Hardware or Software Based Firewalls Stop DDOS Attacks?

Unfortunately, the Answer is No.

The simple answer is that they were not designed to do so. Software and Hardware based Firewalls focus on examining and preventing the intrusion of one entity at a time, but were not designed to detect the combined behaviour of legitimate packets sent millions of times.

Moreover, DDOS attack even take down Firewalls by overloading it and by using may be more than 1000 mbps Bandwidth with tens of thousands of service requests.

The only way to stop DDOS attack is to redirect the traffic through a DDOS Mitigation Hardware Device, which has no limitation of resources, such us 1000 gpbs bandwidth and unlimited Processing power.

We at Datasoft Employ DDOS Protection from BlackLotus (www.blacklotus.net). BlackLotus protects entire BGP networks through rapid provisioning of DDoS mitigation service on a global terabit-scale network.

BlackLotus State of the Art DDoS Mitigation Service

BlackLotus provides carrier grade DDoS mitigation service through state of the art, globally distributed facilities in North America and Europe, with extended service available anywhere in the world. Capable of defeating the world's largest and most complex attacks, the BlackLotus network has earned numerous awards for its scale, capability, and success in guaranteeing the defence of service providers and enterprises.

Key capabilities of the BlackLotus DDOS Mitigation Service include:

  • Global terabit-scale network with 480 Gbps of active DDoS mitigation capacity

  • Datacenters and DDoS mitigation facilities throughout North America and Europe

  • Global service delivery via GRE tunnels, physical cross connections, or virtual Ethernet service

  • Extensive peering and high performance transit capacity

  • Redundancy at every layer of service with zero single points of failure

  • Native IPv6 DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities

In 2014, BlackLotus invested an additional $6 million in order to expand its global footprint, improve performance, and guarantee continued defence against attacks that is expected to exceed 800 Gbps by 2015.

How to DDOS Protect a Datasoft Hosted Server?

      We offer DDOS Protection for Datasoft Hosted Servers

      While Ordering a Server, you can select DDOS Protection from the config page

      For your existing Datasoft Server, you can upgrade DDOS Protection

      We will assign/upgrade you a Server, which is 100% DDOS Protected

      Your server will be directly under DDOS Protection, there is no Proxying involved

      You can add DDOS Protection for Datasoft Hosted Servers for $19 per Month