Our Public Cloud Server Advantages

Our Technological Advantages

Public Cloud Server is a single Cloud Server created on a Fault-Tolerant Server hardware, we are providing you a Control Panel with a full range of Public Cloud Server Management Options.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Datasoft now uses SSDs (Solid State Drives) in all of our Cloud Servers. SSDs are 10x faster than traditional HDDs. The main difference is in Random Read/Write speed which is IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second). SSD has almost 200 times higher IOPS than HDD.

Effectively Monitor your Server on your Mobile Phone even while you are Travelling

Server Monitoring is a process to monitor a Server's system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, Bandwidth Usage, Disk Usage, Website status etc.
Thus, the above features of our 24/7 Monitoring Service ensures that you have all important vital info about your server as and when you need it. Even when you are travelling!!!!!
Download and Install the PRTG Mobile App today on your smart phones to efficiently and effectively manage your server.
Get a feel of how it works, Install PRTG App (Available on both Apple store and Android Google Play stores) on your mobile and test using the Demo Account details given below.

Login Name: john
Password: Simple123

Please note that we offer this Mobile Monitoring Services as a FREE Value added service for all our Cloud and Dedicated Server Customers.

RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) Enabled SSDs

Datasoft now uses Enterprise-level SSD which utilize RAIN Flash Media Management System. RAIN technology adds user data protection that extends beyond ECC, minimally impacting drive performance, and optimizes NAND management, with a high degree of parallelism already in place within the SSD. RAIN technology for an SSD is equivalent to a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) technology for Disk Drives. The picture below shows RAID setup for HDDs. In a similar way, RAIN technology for SSDs implement parity data-strips for Redundancy.

Easy, Manageable Control Panel for your Public Cloud Server

First logon to your account in www.datasoft.ws, click on My Services, and to manage each of your Public Cloud Servers, please click on the green arrow icon to the right of that Server. From this Menu, you can Start/Reboot/Stop/Reinstall your Cloud Server.

Advanced HTML5 based direct Console Access to your Cloud Server using noVNC

Normal Cloud Consoles are based on Java software which has many limitations. We are introducing HTML5 based Cloud Console direct Access using noVNC. You can connect to console directly to troubleshoot issues and fix it if you lose IP access.

Quickly Reinstall one of Multiple Operating Systems.

By clicking on the Reinstall button, you can Reinstall your Cloud Server Operating System from Our list of over 50 Operating Systems.

Take Live Snapshots of your Cloud Server.

By clicking on Backup,you can take a live SNAPSHOT of your Cloud Server and Restore it later if you need to.

Take Full Backups of your Cloud Servers

By clicking on Backup, you can take a Backup of your Cloud Server and Restore it later if you need to.

Instantly Upgrade/Downgrade your Cloud Servers

By clicking on Upgrade/Downgrade option at the bottom of the page, you can upgrade your Cloud server Dynamically to whatever you need whenever you need it.

Monitor what your Cloud Server is Doing

By clicking on Graphs, you can View your Cloud Server's Usage Graph to see your Server's CPU, RAM, Network, and Disk Usage.

View Your Cloud Server's Task History

By clicking on Task History, you can view your changes you have made for your server for your trouble shooting or developer issues.

How to do Reinstallation and how to use RESCUE TOOLS (Only available for KVM-based Public Cloud Servers)

From Console, Restart your server, and press F12 to go to Boot Install Menu. You can choose any Linux version from the menu. Choose RESCUE TOOLS if you want to trouble-shoot any issues or to reset Password.

Installing CentOS Operating System

This is your CentOS Operating System Installation Sub-Menu.

Installing Ubuntu Operating System

This is the Ubuntu Operating System Reinstallation Sub-Menu.


By selecting RESCUE TOOLS, and by booting to Hirens Boot CD, you will see a wide range of Server Tools.
To reset your Windows Password, select Offline Password Changer.
To Trouble Shoot any Hardware Issues, Boot to Mini Windows XP, which will Boot to Windows XP with a wide range of tools to Trouble Shoot with.

How to use Mini Windows XP

When you Boot to Mini Windows XP, you will see the below screen with a wide range of Tools. You will be able to Trouble Shoot a variety of issues from this Windows XP Tools Menu.