What is A2Billing?
What can it do for your Communication Needs?

  • A2Billing is a class 4 and class 5 softswitch with inline billing, designed for providing residential, business and wholesale VoIP services, calling cards, call-back and telephone number.

  • A2Billing in conjunction with Asterisk, provides for telecom customer management including admin, agent, customer and online signup pages, with flexible inline rating and billing of calls and services in real time.

  • A2Billing is recommended for any telecoms company wishing to offer VoIP telephony, calling card services, and resell telephone numbers to its customers.


A2Billing Servers

  • We offer A2Billing Servers in Cloud and Dedicated Server formats.

  • For Cloud Server, select the appropriate Cloud server from Public Cloud Server Menu, and in Configuration options menu under Operating System select A2Billing.

  • For Dedicated Server, select the appropriate Dedicated server from Dedicated Server Menu and follow same steps.

  • If you need our help to troubleshoot issues or fix configuration issues for your A2Billing server, please select Premium Support under Configuration menu which is $49/month extra fee.

  • If you need us to fully configure Your A2Billing Server and do all configuration for you 24/7, you must take 24/7 A2Billing Configuration Support which is an extra fee. Contact us for more details.

  • We will install the Server in a fully functional way and deliver to you within hours.

  • 5 Days Free Trial is not available for these Servers. You have to make payment to assign server since it takes time and effort to set up and it is not an easy work.

Order A2Billing Servers

You can order your A2Billing from the below links.
In configure options page, select "A2Billing" from Operating System drop-down option.
To get 24/7 Help on troubleshooting issues or fix configuration issues in your A2Billing server,
select 24/7 Premium support for A2Billing from Support Package dropdown menu.

Changing Drive to SSD drive for Dedicated server will result in double number of Call/Seats.

Click Here to order 8 Core Cloud Server (20-40 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order 16 Core Cloud Server (30-60 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order 24 Core Cloud Server (50-100 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order 8 Core Dedicated Server (50-100 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order 16 Core Dedicated Server (80-160 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order 24 Core Dedicated Server (120-240 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

Click Here to order High End 24 Core Dedicated Server with SSD Drive (200-400 Concurrent Calls): VIEW

A2Billing Features

A2Billing Customer Management
  • Add Customers
  • Generate batches of customers and calling cards
  • Prepaid and post-paid customers
  • Flexible auto account debit
  • Auto refill
  • Credit limit notifications by email
  • Bulk updates to customers
  • Multiple expiry options for cards
  • Percentage discounts on a per customer basis
  • Customer history and CRM
  • Customer grouping
  • Import from legacy calling card platforms
  • Customer trouble tickets and support management
  • Multi currency support
  • Mass mail delivery with customer grouping
  • Customisable mail templates for customer actions and events
  • Call recording
VoIP Device Options
  • IAX2 and SIP Protocol supported
  • SIP over TCP for Microsoft OCS supported on request
  • Flexible VoIP authentication methods:-
    • Username and password
    • IP authentication
    • 5+ digit prefix authentication
  • Caller ID manipulation
  • Multiple codecs
  • Multiple VoIP CPE per customer account
Calling Card & Call-Back
  • PIN authentication
  • Caller ID authentication (PINLESS dialling)
  • Auto provisioning
  • Attach caller ID to card automatically
    • Flexible IVR
    • Balance IVR
    • Rate to destination
    • Time available to call to destination
    • Custom prompts
  • Multi-language support
  • Caller ID delivery
  • Call-back A and B-leg billing
  • Web, DID and ANI based call-back
  • Follow on calls
  • Caller ID manipulation via IVR
  • Speed dials
  • Last number dialled
Traffic Reporting
  • Detailed CDR
  • Margin and mark-up per call
  • Export to XML or CSV format
  • Detailed reporting:-
    • Calls by user & by destination
    • Statistics by trunk
      • ASR (Average Seize Ratio)
      • ALOC (Average Length of Call)
      • CIC (Consecutive Incomplete Calls)
      • Total calls
    • Reports based on DNID
    • Profit and loss reports
    • Daily traffic reporting with graphing
    • Monthly traffic comparison
  • Detailed dashboard giving at a glance statistic:-
    • Customer information.
    • Refill information on time periods
    • Payment information by month
    • Daily call statistics
Rating Engine
  • Selection of rates based on LCR (Least Cost Routing) or LCD (Least Cost Dialling)
  • Automatic selection of route across multiple carriers
  • Carrier rates for carrier reconciliation and accounting
  • Sell Rates with multiple options, including stepped billing
  • Bulk import of rates
  • Rate simulator
  • Easy updating of existing rates via the merge facility
  • Detailed searching, and bulk updates of rates
  • LCR export facility
  • Rate simulator
  • Selection of rate-card based on:-
    • DNID
    • Caller ID
Supported Trunks and Protocols
  • VoIP Trunks:-
    • SIP
    • IAX
    • H323 (on application)
  • Line Cards
    • Analogue
    • PRI
    • BRI
    • GSM
  • Failover trunk
  • Capacity limits, with failover
  • Provider grouping for carrier reconciliation
DID Delivery
  • Billing options for DID based on subscription and/or dial in /out rate
  • A-Leg billing per minute and connection charge.
  • Free calls between customers
  • On-Net calling with optional charging
  • DID ingress charges, including minimum charge, connection fee, block billing, per minute
  • Support for revenue share numbers, customer's account credited when DID called
  • Deliver calls to customers via VoIP or via trunks
  • DHCP endpoints supported
  • Failover destinations
  • Detailed statistics
  • DID import facility
Billing Invoicing & Payments
  • Voucher based top-up system
  • Customer balance, with debt control
  • Detailed refill, payment, and transaction logs for customers and agents
  • Multiple online payment methods, including PlugnPay, Paypal and Moneybookers
  • Control and management of manual payments
  • Invoices automatically generated monthly
  • Manual preparation of invoices for ad-hoc payments
  • Package offers, offering free minutes and calls to certain destinations
  • Subscription packages
Agent Functionality
  • Commission agents supported
  • Assign different products to different agents
  • Affiliate web based marketing, for online sign-up
  • Agents have optional management and control over customers
    • View, add create and delete
    • Billing
    • Call reports
    • Support tickets
    • Bulk create
    • Sign-up
    • Customisable sign up screen
  • Credit customer account
  • Purchase credit from Admin for top-ups
A2Billing Customer Portal
  • Password management
  • Aide memoire for SIP or IAX authentication
  • Call history
  • Payment history
  • Voucher input
  • Invoice, and invoice payment via online payment provider
  • Top-up online
  • Purchase and manage DID
  • Speed dials
  • Rate card display and export
  • Rate simulator
  • Web based call-back
  • Caller ID authentication
  • Generate trouble ticket
  • Email notifications for low balance
  • Edit personal Information
  • View and download recorded conversations
Online Sign-up
  • Customisable sign up screen
  • Sign-up for subscriptions
  • Restricted customer status for revenue protection

Screenshots of A2Billing